State 11 Hypnosis
Specialist hypnotherapy in Spalding, Lincolnshire

I specialise in helping people with anxiety and PTSD, fears and phobias, stress reduction and confidence building and weight loss.

I also offer Past Life Regression experiences.

As a professionally trained hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I can help you with a variety of emotional health conditions.

You can find out more about me here.

At State 11 Hypnosis, you're in control of your treatment - you book on a "session by session" basis, with no expensive never-ending treatment plans that empty your bank account but don't really help resolve the problem.

Hypnosis isn't suitable for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions, including pacemakers (because your heart rate may drop during the session due to feeling so relaxed), epilepsy and certain mental health conditions.

A picture of Vic Paterson, hypnotherapist at State 11 Hypnosis in Spalding, Lincolnshire

Your Emotional Health Is In Safe Hands

State 11 Hypnosis can help you with a wide number of conditions and experiences, including:

State 11 Hypnosis can help with anxiety and stress  - a picture of a stick man looking anxious.

Anxiety can be very difficult, and not everyone wants tablets. Hypnosis can help treat and resolve anxiety.

State 11 Hypnosis can help with fears and phobias - a picture of a stick man struggling under a cloud of fear

Some fears are rational - but if your fears and phobias are ruling your life, hypnosis can help you take back control.

State 11 Hypnosis in Spalding can help with weight loss - a picture of a sad figure on a scale showing weight problems.

Obesity is a growing problem - but trying to lose weight is hard. Hypnosis can make weight control easy.

A picture of stars around a line drawing of a head demonstrating past life regression

Feel like you've been here before? Maybe you have lived past lives. Explore your history with past life regression

Hi Vic, just to say thank you again for today. I feel a lot better at the moment so I really appreciate your help and time.

— Kaja H, UK


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