Fear and Phobia Relief With Hypnosis
Specialist hypnotherapy in Spalding, Lincolnshire

Sometimes fears and phobias don't just make your life difficult. They can make life difficult for everyone else, too.

If you've got a fear of flying, taking that romantic holiday abroad becomes a lot more difficult.

And if you've got a phobia of flying, it becomes almost impossible.
You might not even be able to get into the airport without having a meltdown.

There's a huge variety of phobias that can affect people's lives.

If you have a fear or phobia of infections (trypanophobia), the nurse telling you "it's just a sharp scratch" might send you into a panic attack, and might even stop you getting the right medical help.

And if your fear or phobia is left untreated - it can start to spread.
The fear of flying van become a fear of all kinds of travel, meaning you never get to see the world.

That vague worry about getting in to a lift can become a phobia of being in a confined space which might lead you being unable to us a changing room in a shop, or have a vital MRI scan.

If you have a phobia, or deep rooted fear, chances are friends and family will have made lots of "helpful" suggestions.

You might even have tried some of them.

You might have tried sedatives. They work for some people - but for others they just cause drowsiness, leaving you tired and frightened at the same time - and therefore even less able to control your fear.

You might have tried "exposure therapy" or "flooding". This is where you force yourself to do the thing you're scared of, so that when everything turns out to be okay, you'll not be scared any more. And this can work - if you don't have a breakdown before you realise everything is ok.

You might have tried traditional talking therapies like counselling or CBT.

If the "phobia cures" that have worked for others don't work for you, you can end up feeling even more alone, ashamed and traumatised.

If this is what has happened to you - then hypnotherapy at State 11 could be the answer you've been looking for.

As a trained and certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I can help you let go of those useless, unnecessary fears, so that you can have the life you want.

What would it be like to be free of your fear?

Check out this video of a session here at State 11 Hypnosis - and start imagining being free of your fear...now!

As a hypnotist, I don't believe your fear or phobia is a conscious problem.

Because if it was a conscious problem you'd have stopped being afraid.
You'd have snapped out of it, got over it, or reasoned your way out of the fear or phobia, whatever it is.
But you haven't been able to - and that's because your fear or phobia is an unconscious problem.
It's inside you - but completely outside your control.
It's in your unconscious mind.

Using hypnosis, we can skip dealing with your conscious mind that has failed to solve your problems.

Instead, we'll deal directly with your unconscious mind to find the cause of your phobia or fear and let it go, to create a positive, lasting, meaningful change, so that you can start a brand new chapter in your brand new life.

A woman standing on top of a rock at the seaside, free from anxiety.

Stop imagining being free of anxiety.
Start living free of anxiety.