Past Life Regression
Specialist hypnotherapy in Spalding, Lincolnshire

Curious if you have lived past lives?

Past life regression is a hypnotic technique allowing you to explore memories of past lives.
Maybe you believe that in reincarnation, and that you have lived before.
Or maybe you feel that an issue you have now, in the present, is due to an experience in a previous life.

Some people say that past life regression is just imagination.
Some people say that past life regression is a story our brains create to help us make sense of our present.
Some people believe that past life regression is a way of travelling back spiritually to previous lives.

Many people find Past Life Regression fascinating, and if you're one of those people, you can explore your own Past Lives with Past Life Regression at State 11 Hypnosis.

Imagine exploring your past lives

In a past life regression session, you'll be taken deep into hypnosis, and guided through a journey into your past lives. Your session can be recorded on video for you to watch later, or you can be given written notes about what you've experienced.

What is a past life regression experience like?

Once you're in a hypnotic trance, and have journeyed back to a life beyond this life, we'll discuss where and when you are, seeking to identify the historic location and time that you've travelled to.

Some of your past lives may be talkative, aware of who, where and when they are. Others - especially older past lives - may be less talkative, or have a poorer understanding of modern concepts of time and place. ,

You may find yourself physically feeling the sensations and emotions that your past life is experiencing, and these may remain for a few moments after you return to your present life.

Many people do not remember what they have said or described - but don't worry, I'll have taken notes and will discuss it with you at the end of the session.

You have the option of having a detailed write up of your session sent to you via email, or, if you can ask for your session to be filmed, in which case it will be edited and a private, online link sent to you where you can watch your session and experience it for yourself.

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Explore who you were, before you were you.
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