Weight Loss With Hypnosis
Specialist hypnotherapy in Spalding, Lincolnshire

Do you want to lose weight - but something keeps stopping you?

Obesity is a worldwide problem, with excess weight being linked to a variety of acute and chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

But losing weight can be difficult.
And that's hardly a surprise, because for many people, food has an emotional dimension, and maybe it does for you, too.

Some people eat when they are bored. Or unhappy, and want to cheer themselves up.
Some people eat when they are lonely. Or happy, and want to celebrate.
Some people eat to reward themselves after a difficult day.
Some people eat in an almost "mindless" way, and are surprised to find when they've eaten a whole pack of biscuits or chocolate.

But there are lots of other reasons - that aren't hunger - that cause people to overeat, and become overweight.

And if these reasons are to do with emotions, or issues from the past that are buried deep in the unconscious mind, no amount of calorie counting or strict diets is likely to solve the problem long term. Instead, you may find yourself trapped in a cycle of binging, dieting, guilt and shame, feeling more and more hopeless.

If you have an unhealthy relationship with food that it's time to resolve, hypnosis and hypnotherapy might just be the answer you're looking for.

What would be like to say "no" to foods you couldn't resist earlier?

Imagine feeling completely different about foods that you know are wrong for you - but just couldn't resist before.

Imagine being able to say "no" to them. How would that change your life, today?

Do it guys, I did for chocolate and that was 4 weeks ago and I've not touched any since! I was eating four bars a day.

Darrell A, UK.

As a hypnotist, I don't believe you have a problem with food or weight.

Well, not a conscious problem anyway.

Because if it was a conscious problem you'd have stopped doing it.

You'd have put down the cake, not eaten the sweets , or gone to the gym consistently.
But you haven't been able to - and that's because your problem is an unconscious problem.

It's inside you - but completely outside your control. It's in your unconscious mind.

Using hypnosis, we can skip dealing with your conscious mind that has failed to solve your problems.

Instead, we'll deal directly with your unconscious mind to find the problematic belief about food and weight, and let it go, to create a positive, lasting difference so that you can start a brand new chapter in your brand new life.

A happy man, without food or weight problems, on a boat on holiday

Imagine not fighting food all the time.
This is the time to change.